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Solving problems effectively with data science

The answers that we seek, the missing puzzle piece, are very often scattered about in abundance but undetected, hidden in plain sight to the untrained minds. With the help of data science, it is possible to remove all the unnecessary clutters and noises, to unveil what we need.

Our Vision

Ultimately, companies exist to solve problems and meet the needs of others, but it is not always straightforward. At DSR, we envision a world in which all individuals and enterprises could use data to help them identify the tiny strands of insight, from the oceans of data, that will make the difference in solving their business challenges effectively.

Very Briefly…

We are a team that focuses on assisting businesses and organizations to create a sustainable movement on tapping their data for better decision making and operations.

Set up in 2015, DSR was founded on the belief that Data Science helps people uncover opportunities shrouded by market noises. Regardless of industry, we strive to provide solutions and tools to enable our clients to discover these essential circumstances.

Currently incubated at Raffles Venture Partners in Singapore, our main objective is to improve our clients’ data science capabilities, using them to turn data into insights.

Our professional services include Data Science consulting, Data Science training, and Data Science mentoring. For more information, please visit our “Services” page.

Our Approach

Our approach is guided by 2 principles:

Value & Practical

The services we provide must be of value for our clients and their customers and should be practical.


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